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You're invited to join and participate fully in this wonderful event at Cannes! Students of all communications background are welcome to work in the thick of it all. Exploring cinema and the business of film. Uncovering new opportunities. Turning networking possibilities into realities day in and day out while at the Festival de Cannes, like some impossible dynamo that never tires and never slows down- this is the Cannes Film Festival experience.

But, and this is the greatest part, it's not impossible. It's out there and all you have to do to become enmeshed in it is go. And once you start going, just don't stop. And that's the easiest thing in the world - it's so easy, the world was made that way. You've heard about that, too? "An object in motion wants to remain in motion."

We've got more than three decades of momentum behind us in attending the Festival de Cannes and six decades in the film business between us, so we've definitely got the oomph to overcome any inertia and deliver you to the scene of the action - anywhere you want to be based on long term industry relationships.

30 Years of the Cannes Film Festival

The networking and educational core of the program is unique. Building on the success of 30 years attendance Cannes Red Carpet offers participants selected for the  Program a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the most prestigious film festival and entertainment business industry meet up in the world. 

Cannes Program Overview


  • Advanced on-line preparation.
  • Ore-festival orientation and tour of Cannes and Paris venues.
  • Internship option.
  • Participation and industry only accreditation in Marche du Film & short Film Corner.
  • 'Exclusive Industry Only' invitations to attend Festival Red Carpet Competition screenings, events, and parties.
  • An unparalleled opportunity to network with industry insiders, observe, and participate in the business of film-making and entertainment marketing.

Student Opportunities

Student Film Business Internships & Film Criticism Immersion


During this time participants get acclimated to gain a greater understanding of the business side of the film industry, including internship placements (if applicable) with film companies doing business at the Festival. All participants have the opportunity to meet and interact with industry professionals, observing firsthand the fast-paced nature of the most prestigious Cannes Festival and Film Market and attend INDUSTRY ONLY RED CARPET and Industry screenings and events. 

Hosting & Professional Representation


Join us as a professional and launch your latest project, company or brand. Or just join us for a world class red carpet getaway, with optional date travel packages. We host professionals and travelers who  can enjoy this once in a life time access. A center for film professionals, journalists, publicists, celebrities, filmmakers and motion picture business executives working at the Festival. The Marché du Film, the Cannes Film Market, which boasts 11,000 industry professionals from around the world with 2,612 companies from 74 countries in the epicenter for a producer to launch a film project 

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Do you have questions about our festival? Would you like to suggest a film for next year's festival? Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.

Cannes Red Carpet Travel Program

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Cannes Red Carpet Program

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